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Water for Life | Water Connection

In order to improve the living conditions of these villagers, most importantly their access to safe drinking water, especially during the drought seasons has to be addressed. Lack of water for all purpose is a cause for human sufferings. The water and sanitation facilities available in these villages are far from satisfactory, leading to improper health habits, environmental pollution and general illnesses.

The hardest work that these villagers encounter is to find and to in search of water at long distances with their pots and pans, buckets and now large plastic cans. Old and feeble females and the school going children of both sex need to do this work, wasting their study times and play times.

The poverty situations and the rate of dependency is a factor for these families unable to have their own toilets. House compounds and open lands. Roadways and lanes have been polluted. During the rainy season this becomes a menace to all, causing wide spread diseases and the children are most vulnerable.

Therefore, a strategy to overcome these felt needs, as it is also a humanitarian concern, is very important and will give relief to these long suffering rural communities for an improved living condition.

Accessing water from the Local Authority (Pradheshiya Sabha) support through water bowser isn’t thinkable as the villages are located in far distances with pitfalls road access. People of the villages suffer a lot in the drought season for drinking water and for surely they are facing the disastrous situation with their livelihood farming activities too.

Global Ehsan Relief do supply of drinking water within its lower capacity to the community, as supply of one filled water bowser per day to a village even though the volume of consumption and needy villages are high.

The government of Sri Lanka has distributed main water supply connections to most of the main villages through the National Water Supply and Drainage Board. For the getting the water access to the houses of individual, they have to effort an initial fare of LKR 15,000 to the board and then to on the basis of water consumption per month.  Water distributions are available within certain time frame per day and it’s nearly 1-2 hours per day.