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Build a Latrine

Water supply, sanitation and hygiene services are closely linked with the process of reconstruction of community lives for a greater extent. It provides the vital support to all key stakeholders to involve in the process of rebuilding a region affected by a major catastrophe. But to stabilize sustainable services, any rebuilding measures will need positive actions to improve the infrastructure set up in order to create channels for sustained services in the sector of water and sanitation. Thus the objective ensures to enable a secure environment for the communities by securing ample investments for infrastructure development and its sustained maintenance.

The main challenge faced by the community, state, and the humanitarian and development agencies is to set-up the devastated area with substantial facilities to initiate and run the resettlement process. The Key issue in rationale to this objective is that the community doesn’t own facilities and are not access to safer and hygienic water and sanitation facilities due to the critical absence of infrastructure facilities. Better infrastructure facilities can address the challenge of reducing risk of the hastily spreading water borne deceases, risk over scarcity of water, and on the other hand will boost the resettlement and rehabilitation process intensely.

Another crucial challenge is marked with the ever increasing community isolation and institutional set back related to the services of water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Community mobilization for sustainable management of the systems provided and the responsibility of the local authorities and the institutions to solicit qualitative and reliable services to the communities at risk is a prime intention that needs to be put in to action. The objective is more related with the challenges leading to behaviour changes, community mobilization, participatory action for sustainable management, and Promotion programs at various levels of the community.