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Build a House

When you closely rationalize the need for safer dwelling places for the vulnerable & marginalized communities, you have to deep look at the social issues concerning the poor and the most victimized

people who are living in small cadjan houses sharing a 10 x10 single roofed, single roomed space used for cooking, living and a space to store the valuables. The problem is multiplied when the family grows big, and the teenage old girls struggling to find their privacy and the children looking for a calm place to study. The issue is more critical when the monsoons are near and almost the whole room is wet and sometimes washed away. The earnings of the family do not really support the families to weave new cadjan for their roofs every year, and the chaos is multiplied.

Basically, Women are the most vulnerable group that suffers this phenomenon, managing to consolidate within the narrowing economic and worst social systems in this part of the world. They are often vulnerable to the social traits of the extreme corners of these isolated landmarks.  Doing all the fundamentals of the family, feeding the children, support schooling and afterwards, fetching water from far areas, finding indigenous food and also struggling with the household violence and panic has been their prolonged suffering witnessed throughout their lives.

The system of “dowry giving” has worsened the situation during matrimonial of many poor girls in the marginalized communities. Its been a trend that a furnished house be given to the man during matrimony as solicitation for happy living. But the system has parallel effects to the practice of the Islamic law even within Muslim communities.

Due to this unaccepted trend, many girls who reach the matrimonial age are isolated and the moving trauma leads them to migrate for jobs in other countries or face the fate of being alone for years without marriage. These issues also lead the girls towards premarital sex and social disorders in many communities here.

The Major issue here is a “SAFER DWELLING SPACE” which we call affordable Pro poor housing schemes for the poor and marginalized communities in the North Eastern region of Sri Lanka will reduce the severely growing social issues and panic within the community.

The Affordable Pro poor housing scheme will change the socio- economic scenarios and can relatively support many families without a safer dwelling place to transform their life styles and integrate with the community for social activation and financial prospects.