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Canoe for Fisherman

It is an accepted phenomenon that the life standard of the families reflects the socio economic performance situation of region or society. Moreover, 70 percent of the fishing families especially from Tamil and Muslim Communities are below the poverty line. It is a development challenge in the district. Providing fishing canoe will help to restart their livelihood activities and they can able to engage with day to day livelihood activities. Improving the life style will be created the better performance situation in the socio economic formula in the district and 100 poor families will get direct benefits. They can able to maintain their living condition in an accepted way in the society. Female and children who are the most vulnerable group will be benefitted in a better manner. It will enrich their prosperous life. Thus a social problem is to be addressed in this regard. Living standard of female headed households, poorest and marginalized war and Tsunami victims will be enhanced by providing fishing gears.

This project aims to provide the context of the fishing canoe in Trincomalee District of Eastern Province and confer the enabling strategies and operational instruments that need to be put in place to achieve the “Uplift of life standard of Fishing communities” vision in general, but specifically this project is analyzing the concept of “Livelihood Mission Sri Lanka”.

The vision of the project proposal is to create an economically uplift the life standard of fishing community as pilot project that will act as a model of sustainable development addressing issues of population’s economic status, patterns of life, environmental quality while meeting needs of the economically fragile group of the community.

The goal of the proposed project is to increase the income of the vulnerable group in the fishing community in Trincomalee district in order to boost economic growth and reduce poverty by providing fishing gears for creating system to earn income from their fishing activities.

The project targets the vulnerable, women headed and poorest people who are earning low income from their day to day activities but with opportunities to promote fishing activities to generate income without depending on society.

The main key activities and other strategies, in selecting the beneficiaries who are poorest but engage in the fishing activities in day by day and facing much difficulties without fishing equipment and canoe for increasing their income. Providing fiber canoe and fishing nets is the key activity to pull them to fully engage in fishing.

The project proposal is based on the analysis of the baseline data obtained from the house hold surveys conducted in the framework of integrating the needs assessed from beneficiaries in the coastal area